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Dongguan Xu Hui Houseware Co., Ltd. located in the "factory of the world," said the Dongguan, location and convenient transportation, is engaged in wooden crafts, picture frames, photo wall, decorative wall hangings, decorative painting, frameless painting, creative clock, stylish home furnishings, storage products, creative household goods and other products specialized production-oriented private sector, has been committed to the cause of home decorations. Our science and technology, set each director, to create high-quality corporate image, with real products, unpretentious business style, based on today's strong competitors.
Founded in 2006, the predecessor of Dongguan Chang Ping Xu Hui furniture factory, in 2010 successfully registered "Xu Hui furniture" trademark, after years of development, change to Dongguan Xu Hui Houseware Co., Ltd. in 2012, is a general corporate taxpayers, more than 100 employees, the technical backbone of more than 20 people, has advanced production equipment, CNC machining, high-power laser cutting machine, hanging spraying automatic production lines, water assembly line. From product development and design, proofing, production, quality control, outsourcing support, 
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